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Annapolis Guitar Repair


Thank you so much for your interest and support!  I am currently taking a much needed break while completing a new degree in the field of physical therapy. While I am not currently building or repairing instruments, I hope to be back at it someday soon.  If you’re interested in a new instrument, please check my current inventory.  Thank you!

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Need a tune-up or repair?

annapolisgutiarrepairIn addition to handcrafting guitars, I also provide guitar repair service to the Annapolis, Maryland area.  Being a guitar maker gives me a unique advantage as a repair person.   With over 15 years experience building high end instruments both for Paul Reed Smith Guitars and as an independent luthier,  I am skilled at identifying and addressing the underlying causes of repair problems with a focus on educating the customer to better care for and understand their instrument.  I offer several services, from basic setups and fret work to structural and finish repairs on both acoustics and electrics.  See below for 2014 prices.  Call me, Pete Dunn at 410-271-7799 (9am-5pm, Mon-Sat) to schedule your appointment today. You can also contact me by email at p.dunn@bowerbirdguitars.com

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2014 Price List

The following is a short list of what I offer in order to provide you with a general idea of my pricing for the most common services I perform.  In order to give you an accurate estimate for repair work I must evaluate the instrument in person (read why, here).  I work by appointment only, and I make every effort to accommodate my hours for your convenience.  (Returning customers, please note new prices as of 2014.)

Consultation “Bench” Fee $40.  Free if you choose to have me perform estimated work. This fee covers an in-person evaluation and repair estimate for the instrument(s) provided and is only charged if all you are seeking is an evaluation/consultation.

Basic Setup – electric/acoustic guitar $60* Basic setup includes nut, saddle, and truss rod adjustments, intonation adjustment, clean/polish frets, lubrication of string contacts, clean electronics, pickup height adjustment.

 *price includes D’Addario Light gauge strings only.  If you prefer another brand/gauge, please provide strings, otherwise an additional string fee applies.  Strings are available for 6-string guitar setups only, Bass and all other instruments, strings not provided and aren’t included in price.

Frets and Structural Repairs

Level, Crown, Polish Frets – $100

Re-fret – $225 and up (includes basic setup)

Nut or Saddle Replacement$60

Neck Reset – $250 and up

Structural Repairs (broken headstocks, loose braces, bridges, etc.) $50 and up based on consultation evaluation.

Crack repairs – $30 and up depending on size, location, condition, severity, and underlying causes which may need to be addressed.



Clean Electronics – $15

Replace Potentiometer or Output Jack – $25

Rewire Electronics – $100

Install Pickup, electric – $45/pickup

Install Pickup, acoustic – (varies based on system)


Finish Work price based on consultation evaluation